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1 Farmers’ Management Practices and Perception on Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera Frugiperda Smith) in Fogera Districts, South Gondar, Ethiopia Mitku, Geteneh 2022 Volume 9,Issue 1, Jan. 2022 90 Bibtex
2 Socio-Economic Characterization of the Parkia biglobosa’s Exploitation and Local Management in the Rural Communes of Sare Bidji and Medina Elhadji, Kolda (Senegal) Ba, Awa; Koita, Bothie; Coly, Aissatou 2022 Volume 9,Issue 1, Jan. 2022 78 Bibtex
3 Evaluation of Four Potato Varieties for Stem Height, Late Blight, Yield and Taste Qualities at Kabwum District in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea Anton, Jonah; Ahizo, Jeremiah; Sitang, Kud 2021 Volume 8,Issue 6,Nov. 2021 174 Bibtex
4 Consuming What You Produce: Perception and Consumption Habits of Cocoa-based Products by Cocoa Farmers in the Eastern Region of Ghana Codjoe, Francis Nana Yaw; Boateng, Dennis Owusu; kwabla Nutakor, Edem; Odoom, Daniel Asomning; Adane, Seth 2021 Volume 8,Issue 6,Nov. 2021 115 Bibtex
5 Seeds Germination of Poaceae Family Species in Saline Water Pagliarini, Maximiliano Kawahata; Pontim, Bruno Cezar Alvaro; Gordin, Carla Regina Baptista; de Almeida Monaco-Mello, Kamila; dos Santos Zomerfeld, Patricia; Nogueira, Jose Carlos; de Souza, Luiz Carlos Ferreira 2021 Volume 8,Issue 5,Sept. 2021 445 Bibtex
6 Revisiting Livestock Feeding and Fodder: Silvipastoral Farm Ramteke, Dr. Ramchandra; Mishra, Dr. O. P.; Singh, Dr. Nishima; Pathak, Dr. Rupal; Parmar, Dr. Mahtab Singh; Barwa, Dr. Dipti Kiran 2021 Volume 8,Issue 5,Sept. 2021 308 Bibtex
7 Participatory Demonstration and Evaluation of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties at Kellam and West Wollega Zones Kabeto, Bilisuma; Tesfa, Hika; Umer, Demaksa 2021 Volume 8,Issue 5,Sept. 2021 244 Bibtex
8 Review Article: Climate Change Impact on Farming Components Tefera, Abenezer Abebe 2021 Volume 8,Issue 4,July 2021 471 Bibtex
9 Participatory Demonstration and On-farm Evaluation of Improved Bread Wheat Technologies in Highland Area of South Omo Zone, Ethiopia Hando, Dilamo Adila; Gemeyda, Kasahun Kabata; Sagara, Kebede Kassu 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 1087 Bibtex
10 Long Distance Supply of Tomato: A Case Study of Anand (Gujarat) Vala, Dr. K. V.; Kumpavat, M. T.; Datta, Dr. S. 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 931 Bibtex
11 Incidence and Distribution of Rice Insect Pests and their Natural Enemies in Rice Growing Area of South Gondar, Ethiopia Mitku, Geteneh; Birhan, Muluadam; Yalew, Desalegn 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 871 Bibtex
12 Phytoecological Study on Asteraceae Family of Trebeshina Mt. in Southern Albania Peci, Dhimiter; Mullaj, Alfred; Proko, Arsen 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 873 Bibtex
13 Demonstration and Promotion of Recently Released Improved Mid Altitude Sub humid Agro Ecology Maize (Zea mays L.) Varieties in Benishangul Gumuz Region at Pawe District, Western Ethiopia Damtite, Yaregal; Haile, Taye; Sendekie, Yeshiwas 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 762 Bibtex
14 Association of Agronomic Traits with Grain Yield of Lowland Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Genotypes Fentie, Dejen Bekis; Abera, Bayuh Belay; Ali, Hussein Mohammed 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 706 Bibtex
15 In vitro Preservation by Encapsulation of Shoot Tips of Aerva lanata (L.) Juss. ex Schult. as a Rare Medicinal Plant Hassanen, Sabah A. 2021 Volume 8,Issue 3,May 2021 676 Bibtex

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