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406 Silage Additives: Review Yitbarek, Melkamu Bezabih; Tamir, Birhan 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6500 Bibtex
407 Strategies for Enhancing the Area Production and Productivity of Jasmine in Tamil Nadu – A Paradigm to the Farmers’ Organizations of India Sekhar, Dr. C.; Rathinasamy, Dr. R.; Hussain, M. Satham; Leon, M. T. Andrew Peter; Siranjeevi, R.; Palani, R.; Nagaraj, R. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6658 Bibtex
408 REMESA: A Network to Control Infectious Animal Diseases in Mediterranean Countries ALLOUI, Nadir 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6795 Bibtex
409 Assessment of Properties of Alfisols as Affected by Land use in Minna, Southern Guinea of Nigeria Tsado, P. A.; Lawal, B. A.; Ezenwa, M. I. S. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6503 Bibtex
410 Analysis of Rural Livelihood Challenges and Options under Climate Change Pressure: Case Study from Potato Producer Localities in Awi Zone, Ethiopia Tarekegne, Chalachew; Bernhard, Freyer; Alemayehu, Getachew; Delelegn, Yoseph 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6731 Bibtex
411 Smallholder Household and Farming Practices under Climate Change Pressure: A Case of Gusha Shinkurta Area, Awi Zone, Ethiopia Tarekegne, Chalachew; Bernhard, Freyer; Alemayehu, Getachew; Delelegn, Yoseph 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6711 Bibtex
412 Toxicity of Some Pyrethroids and Neonicotinoids used for Individual and Simultaneous Control of Bruchus Pisi L. and Acyrthosiphon Pisi Kalt Nikolova, Ivelina Mitkova 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6820 Bibtex
413 Effect of Various Concentration of the Zinc on Chlorophyll, Soluble Sugars and Proline in Duckweed (Lemna Minor) Bouchelaghem, Sabrina; Delimi, Amel 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6827 Bibtex
414 Land Evaluation for Irrigation in Cotton Growing Yavatmal District, Maharashtra Bhaskar, B. P.; Sarkar, Dipak; Bobade, S. V.; Gaikwad, S. S.; Anantwar, S. G. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6657 Bibtex
415 Callus Induction and Regeneration in Commercial Rice Cultivars of Tamil Nadu Abiramasundari, N.; Shanthi, P.; Kumar, D. Sassi; Saraswathi, R. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 6664 Bibtex
416 Antimicrobial Activity of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaf Extracts Mohapatra, Anannya; Kanchana, Parijatham; Ranjan, Dr. Mala; Horta, Sr. Sandra; Monica, ; Kavita, ; Priyanka, 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 7158 Bibtex
417 Effect of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer on Soil Nutrient Flux and Maize (Zea Mays L.) Productivity on an Ultisol in Southern Nigeria Shiyam, J. O.; John, N. M.; Ndaeyo, N. U.; Binang, W. B. 2014 Vol.1,Issue 1,Jan. 2014 7202 Bibtex
418 Study of Changes in physiological and Enzymatic Metabolism of a Bryophyte “Rhytidium Rugosum” Under the Effect of a Herbicide “TREFLAN” KHALDI, Fadila 2014 Vol.1,Issue 1,Jan. 2014 6913 Bibtex
419 Effect of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Bioplus 2B on Egg Quality and Yolk/Serum Cholesterol of Laying Hens Dizaji, Sattar Bagheri; Pirmohammadi, Rasoul 2014 Vol.1,Issue 1,Jan. 2014 7135 Bibtex
420 Modeling and Estimation of Banana Slice Browning during Drying using Artificial Neural Network A, Ebrahimi. M.; S, Mohtasebi. S.; Sh, Rafiee.; S, Hoseinpour. 2014 Vol.1,Issue 1,Jan. 2014 7095 Bibtex

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