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Year: 2018

  • Mamaril, H. J. & Rosales, R. J. (2018). Productivity of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. cv. Smooth Green) Using Application Frequency of Vermicompost Tea. IJRAS, 5(2), 78-83. [More]
  • Kaskous, S. (2018). Udder Morphology and Machine Milking Ability in Dromedary Camels. IJRAS, 5(2), 84-89. [More]
  • Wang, H., Zhang, S., Shao, Y. & Zhang, Y. (2018). Plant Disease Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transformation and Support Vector Machine. IJRAS, 5(2), 90-94. [More]
  • Assad, Y. O., Bashir, N. H. & Hassan, S. A. (2018). Development of Multiple and Cross-Resistance in Cotton Whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci Gennadius) Population in Gezira, Sudan. IJRAS, 5(2), 95-98. [More]
  • Nguyen, V.-H., Yen, C.-R. & Hsieh, C.-H. (2018). Effects of Rootstock Age and Grafting Time on Cleft Grafting in ‘Tainung No.2’ Papaya. IJRAS, 5(2), 99-103. [More]
  • Amadi, J., Appah, O., Ibode, T. & Agbonavbare, O. (2018). Effect of Temperature and Duration of Storage on Viability of Plukenetia Conophora (Walnut) Mull Arg Seeds using Tetrazolium Test. IJRAS, 5(2), 104-107. [More]
  • Acedo, V. Z., Damasco, O. P., Laurena, A. C., Cruz, P. C., Namuco, L. O. & Lalusin, A. G. (2018). In vitro Shoot Tip Response to Encapsulation-Dehydration Procedure for Cryopreservation of Philippine Taro [Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott]. IJRAS, 5(2), 108-115. [More]
  • Ngo, H. T., Nguyen, N. M., Phan, H. T. & Le, H. Q. (2018). Evaluation of Porcine Gastric Mucin Magnetic Bead Enrichment for the Detection of Norovirus in Bivalve Mollusks. IJRAS, 5(2), 116-118. [More]
  • Bekele, B., Dawit, W., Kassa, B. & Selvaraj, T. (2018). Assessment of Faba Bean Gall Disease Intensity in North Shoa Zone of Central, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 5(1), 1-5. [More]
  • Bekele, B., Dawit, W., Kassa, B. & Selvaraj, T. (2018). Management of Faba Bean Gall Disease using Cultivars and Fungicides in North Showa Zone of Central Ethiopia. IJRAS, 5(1), 6-33. [More]
  • Alfallah, H. M. & Mirwan, H. B. (2018). The Story of Braula Coeca (Bee Lice) in Honeybee Colonies Apis Mellifera L. in Libya. IJRAS, 5(1), 34-36. [More]
  • Razak, D. L., Jamaluddin, A., Rashid, N. Y., Fadzil, N. H., Sani, N. A. & Manan, M. A. (2018). Comparative Evaluation of Schizophyllum commune Extracts as Potential Cosmeceutical Bio-Ingredient. IJRAS, 5(1), 37-41. [More]
  • Yadav, S. K., Chaudhary, R. C. & Sahani, A. (2018). Geographical Indication and Registration for it in Uttar Pradesh, India: Present and Future Potential. IJRAS, 5(1), 48-57. [More]
  • Froelich, W. & Nozinic, M. (2018). Essential and Toxic Trace Elements in Achenae of the Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum L.), a Perennial, Alternative Energy and Honey Plant. IJRAS, 5(1), 42-47. [More]
  • Maruti, M., B., G. S. & S., R. B. (2018). A Study on Attitude of Members and Non-members of Women Dairy Co-operative Societies towards Milch Animals and Economics of Milk Production in Bidar District of Karnataka*. IJRAS, 5(1), 58-60. [More]
  • Eshetu, M., Chimdessa, C., Sebboka, S., Bedaso, N. & Chibsa, T. (2018). Evaluation of Best Performing Indigenous Rhizobium Inoculants for Faba Bean Production at Goba and Sinana District of Bale Highland South Eastern Ethiopia. IJRAS, 5(1), 65-69. [More]
  • Maruti, M., B., G. S., K., M. S. & K., S. K. (2018). An Analysis of Knowledge of the Women Member and Non-Member of Milk Producer Co-Operative Societies in Bidar District of Karnataka*. IJRAS, 5(1), 61-64. [More]
  • Nagendra, K., Anantachar, M., Veerangouda, M. & Prakash, K. V. (2018). Doubling the Income of Farmers for Harvesting Ginger Crop through Tractor Drawn Ginger Digger-Cum-Elevator. IJRAS, 5(1), 70-72. [More]
  • NAGENDRA, K., SURVANSHI, A. & MARUTI. (2018). Studies on Sensors for Measuring Soil Compaction for Effective Crop Production-A Review and Analysis. IJRAS, 5(1), 73-77. [More]

Year: 2017

  • Aleme, M., Yadessa, E., Tulu, D., Bogale, A., Mengistu, G. & Bezabeh, A. (2017). Performance Evaluation of Local Honey Bee Races (Apismellifera Wayi Gambella) in Sheka Zone. IJRAS, 4(6), 282-287. [More]
  • Wardhani, R. M. & Wuryantoro. (2017). Backyard Fruit Crops Potential in Supporting Urban Agro-Industry. IJRAS, 4(6), 288-293. [More]
  • Chala, G. (2017). Optimization of Fertilizer Recommendations for Growth and Yield of Barley in the Central High Lands of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(6), 294-299. [More]
  • Ranaweera, K. K., Kurukulasuriya, M. S., Priyankarage, N. & Mangalika, U. L. (2017). Milk Urea Nitrogen: A Tool to Evaluate Dairy Cow Rations. IJRAS, 4(6), 300-303. [More]
  • HASHIM, M. A., ELOBIED, G. H. & ADAWI, I. A. (2017). Respondents Evolution of the Effect of Grazing on Bt-cotton Crop Residues by Ruminants on Health and Milk Characteristics in Gezira State, Sudan. IJRAS, 4(6), 304-309. [More]
  • Annapoorani, R. & Lakshmi, S. S. (2017). An Analytical Study of State Wise Variations in Food Security in India. IJRAS, 4(6), 310-314. [More]
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