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Year: 2017

  • Kulasinghe, W. M., Ranaweera, K. K. & Abesinghe, A. M. (2017). Consumer Driven New Product Development through Lacto Fermentation of Cow Milk. IJRAS, 4(6), 315-318. [More]
  • Pandey, G., Khanal, S., Pant, D., Chhetri, A. & Basnet, S. (2017). An Overview of Fertilizer Distribution Scenario in Nepal: a Time Series Analysis (1991/92-2015/16). IJRAS, 4(6), 319-324. [More]
  • Abdelsalam, M., Ali, M. & Al-Sobayil, K. (2017). Effect of Parity on Fatty Acids of Saudi Camels Milk and Colostrum. IJRAS, 4(6), 325-329. [More]
  • O., M. L., K., O.-B. & O., O.-B. (2017). Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application and Soil Moisture Regimes on Growth, Biomass Partitioning and Water Use Efficiency of Two Plantain Genotypes at the Nursery Stage. IJRAS, 4(6), 330-335. [More]
  • BAĞRIAÇIK, N. & ÖZTÜRK, A. (2017). Effect of Bacillus sphaericus and Bacillus thuringiensis strains On Larvae of Ephestia kuehniella (Lepidoptera). IJRAS, 4(6), 336-339. [More]
  • Salih, Z. A., Siddeeg, A., Taha, R. T., Bushra, M., Ammar, A.-F. & Ali, A. O. (2017). Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Pulp and Peel Flour of Dried Green and Ripe Banana (Cavendish). IJRAS, 4(6), 348-353. [More]
  • Bekele, B. & Dawit, W. (2017). Review on the Status and Management Strategies of Fusarium Head Blight (Fusarium Graminearum) of Wheat. IJRAS, 4(6), 340-347. [More]
  • Saulés, C. V., Cortés, P. I., Hernandez, D. P. & Ávila, V. M. (2017). The Effects of External Qì 气 on Growth of Shoots of Dahlia Brevis in Vitro. IJRAS, 4(6), 354-357. [More]
  • Alemu, A., Gudero, G. & Wodajo, A. (2017). Determination of Optimum Planting Date and Resistant Varieties of Potato (Solanum Tubersum) to the Reaction of Late Blight (Phytophthora Infestans) Disease at Chencha, Southeastern Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(6), 358-363. [More]
  • Zope, A. V., Rakhonde, O. S. & Awadhiya, G. K. (2017). Antifungal Activity of Medicinal Plants Metabolites Against Collar Rot of Chickpea Caused by Sclerotium rolfsii. IJRAS, 4(6), 364-367. [More]
  • Kedir, M., Elemo, K. K., Fato, M. A. & Feku, A. (2017). Study on Major Tick Species of Cattle in and Around Asella, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(5), 219-225. [More]
  • Haloi, D. A., Barman, T., Kalita, D. E. & Deka, P. (2017). Actara 25 WG Induced Histopathological Changes in Thyroid and Intestine of Swiss Albino Mice. IJRAS, 4(5), 226-230. [More]
  • Mengistu, G., Yadessa, E., Tulu, D., Aleme, M., Bogale, A. & Effa, K. (2017). Survey on Livestock Production System Characterization in Bench-Maji, Sheka and Mejenger Zones, South Western Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(5), 231-239. [More]
  • Komal, K., Abbas, A. & Ashraf, H. K. (2017). Role of Women in Agriculture: Linking Post-Harvest Wheat Yield Loss with Rural Livelihoods. IJRAS, 4(5), 240-245. [More]
  • Chala, G. & Tesfaye, M. (2017). Response of Applied Nitrogen Fertilizer and Seeding Rate on yield and yield Components of Ethiopian Mustard (Brassica Carinata) in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(5), 246-250. [More]
  • Negash, A., Tulu, S. & Getachew, E. (2017). Growth of Snap Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) as Affected by N and P Fertilizer Rates at Jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(5), 251-256. [More]
  • Veizi, A. (2017). The Sensorial Characterization of the Most Important Autochthonous Cultivar of Albanian Table Olive. IJRAS, 4(5), 257-259. [More]
  • Rana, N., V, A. S. & Ganguli, J. (2017). Biochemical Characters Offering Resistance / Susceptibility of Pigeonpea Genotypes to Pod Borer Complex. IJRAS, 4(5), 260-266. [More]
  • Lukito, M., Rohmatiah, A. & Setiahadi, R. (2017). Absorption Carbon Dioxide Biomass in Community Forest Approach Sub-District Kawedanan, District Magetan. IJRAS, 4(5), 267-272. [More]
  • Hayombe, D. P., Odede, D. F., Were, D. P. & Agong, P. S. (2017). An Examination of the Changing Population Patterns, Plant Diversity and the Origins of Food Plants in Western Kenya since Pre-Colonial Times. IJRAS, 4(5), 273-281. [More]
  • Setiahadi, R., Baru, B. M., Harijanto & Christanti, M. F. (2017). Measurement Social Capital: Analysis Productivity, Equity, Sustainability of Community Based Forest Management in Indonesia. IJRAS, 4(4), 163-168. [More]
  • V. V. Bhavsar,. (2017). Phenotypic Stability Analysis in Niger (Guizotiaabyssinica Cass). IJRAS, 4(4), 169-170. [More]
  • Bayisa, N. G., Moges, M. M. & Lemma, D. T. (2017). Identification and Determination of Economic Importance of Insect Pests and Diseases of Nonedible oil-bearing Plants in Some Growing of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(4), 171-176. [More]
  • Debele, T., Preez, D. & Ceronio. (2017). Economic Evaluation of Tillage Systems and Nitrogen Fertilization for Maize Production in Western Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(4), 177-180. [More]
  • Legesse, T., Mekbib, F. & Gebre, E. (2017). Effect of Cytokinins Concentration and Types for Shoot Induction and Multiplication Experiments of in Vitro Propagation of Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum L.) from Nodal Culture. IJRAS, 4(4), 181-185. [More]
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