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Year: 2016

  • GUNES, E., MOVASSAGHI, H. & OZER, O. O. (2016). Determinants of Credit Use in Turkish Agriculture. IJRAS, 3(4), 216-222. [More]
  • Hosseini, S. M., Alimirzaei, E., Hejazi, Y. & Mohammadi, H. M. (2016). The Network Relationships Among Multiple Service Providers in Agricultural Extension Program Planning in Iran. IJRAS, 3(4), 223-228. [More]
  • Kumarathunge, N. C., Jayasinghe, J. M. & Abeyrathne, E. D. (2016). Development of Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) and Catla (Catla catla) Incorporated Protein and Fiber Rich Fish Burger. IJRAS, 3(4), 229-233. [More]
  • Chou, T. Y., Hoang, T. V., Chandramouli, M. & Yeh, M. L. (2016). Integrating Agriculture Model into WebGIS: Case Study in Red River Delta, Vietnam. IJRAS, 3(4), 234-241. [More]
  • SUPARMAN & AHMAD, Z. (2016). The Inventory and Mapping of Sukun/Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg) Distribution on Maitara Island, Tidore Kepulauan. IJRAS, 3(4), 242-246. [More]
  • EL-Kazzaz, A. A., Ebad, F. A. & EL-Sadek, M. E. (2016). In VITRO Microtuberization of Two Potato Cultivars Under Sea Water Stress. IJRAS, 3(3), 110-113. [More]
  • Ammar, A.-F., Kamal-Alahmad & Korma, S. A. (2016). Natural Antioxidants, Phenolics Compounds and their Effects on the Health. ijras, 3(3), 114-118. [More]
  • Yagoub, Y. E., Bo, Z., Ding-min, J., Zhang, Y., Bin, M. & Tang, M. (2016). Assessment of Climate Warming of Qinghai Province in 53 years (1961 - 2013). IJRAS, 3(3), 119-127. [More]
  • Gharoun, Z., Kalantari, K. & Asadi, A. (2016). Analysis of Green Tea Leaf Processing Challenges the Viewpoint of Tea Factory Owners in Gilan Province, Iran. IJRAS, 3(3), 128-132. [More]
  • Somasundar, U., Kumar, N. N. & Prasad, P. R. (2016). Efficacy of Newer Insecticides as Seed Dressers on Sucking Pests of Cowpea. IJRAS, 3(3), 132-134. [More]
  • Alizadeh, N., Rad, R. P. & Alipour, H. (2016). An Investigation Factors Influencing Attitudes of Faculty Members in Agricultural Colleges Toward Knowledge Sharing. IJRAS, 3(3), 135-140. [More]
  • Chipula, G. (2016). Influence of Compost-Treated Sewage Effluent Nutrient Integration on Nitrogen Dynamics in Arable Soil. IJRAS, 3(3), 141-151. [More]
  • Keshavarz, M., Borkhani, F. R., Salmani, M. & Rezvanfar, A. (2016). Educational and Psychological Factors Influencing Application of Pro-Environmental Technologies Among Wheat Growers. IJRAS, 3(3), 152-158. [More]
  • Humaira, M. S. & Sinha, D. M. (2016). Phytotoxicity Evaluation of MSWC by Germination of Gram Seeds (Cicer arietinum) and Fenugreek Seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum). IJRAS, 3(3), 159-163. [More]
  • Kamal-Alahmad, Ammar, A.-F., Gasmalla, M. A., Korma, S. A. & Sulieman, A. A. (2016). Novel Immobilization Technique and its Application. IJRAS, 3(3), 164-167. [More]
  • ROUZ, S., JEDDI, F. B. & ZOUAGHI, M. (2016). Study of Genetic Diversity of Berseem Accessions (Trifolium Alexandrinum L. SPP) With RAPD Markers. IJRAS, 3(3), 168-170. [More]
  • ROUZ, S., JEDDI, F. B. & ZOUAGHI, M. (2016). Study of Genetic Diversity of Berseem Accessions (Trifolium Alexandrinum L. SPP) With RAPD Markers. IJRAS, 3(3), 168-170. [More]
  • Korma, S. A., Kamal-Alahmad, SobiaNiazi, Ammar, A.-F. & HalaAlyousef. (2016). Production, Classification, Properties and Application of Chitosan. IJRAS, 3(3), 171-179. [More]
  • Alkarim, A. O. & Adam, H. M. (2016). Effect of Fish Species on Physical, Chemical, and Organoleptic Properties of Fish Sausages. IJRAS, 3(3), 180-183. [More]
  • Ahmed, A. M., Adam, H. M. & Yousif, F. M. (2016). Exploitation Ratio of Characid Fish in Jebel Aulia Dam. IJRAS, 3(3), 184-186. [More]
  • Kunbhar, H. K., Memon, A. A., Khatri, P. K., Shah, M. G. & Bhutto, A. L. (2016). Assessment of Female Reproductive Performances of Kamohri Goat Maintained at Kamohri Goat Farm Khudabad Dadu Sindh Pakistan. IJRAS, 3(2), 44-50. [More]
  • Wang, Y. S. & Zhang, S. (2016). Plant Disease Leaf Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering Based on Internet of Things. IJRAS, 3(2), 51-54. [More]
  • Bayisa, N. G. (2016). Composition, Distribution and Economic Importance of Insect Pests of Prioritized Medicinal Plants in Some Growing of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 3(2), 55-59. [More]
  • Veizi, A., Peçi, E. & Lazaj, L. (2016). The Influence of Environmental Factors on Polyphenol and Tocopherol Content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. IJRAS, 3(2), 60-63. [More]
  • Mukherjee, D., Sanyal, K. B., Chakraborty, D., And, A. P. & Dash, G. (2016). Prevalence of Parasitic Diseases in Four Blocks of Bankura District, West Bengal. IJRAS, 3(2), 64-69. [More]
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