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Year: 2015

  • Ejembi, S., Ivande, P. & Otene, V. (2015). Unhygienic Food Processing Practices Among Small Scale Agro-Allied Entreprenuers in Makurdi and Zaria, Nigeria: Challenges for Extension Education and Training. IJRAS, 2(1), 16-19. [More]
  • Bortoli, S. A., de Albergaria, N. M., Dória, H. O., Vacari, A. M., Duarte, R. T. & Arthur, V. (2015). Irradiation of ‘Valencia’ Citrus Fruit as a Postharvest Quarantine Treatment for Mediterranean Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae). IJRAS, 2(1), 29-33. [More]
  • Ontumbi, G., Obando, J. & Ondieki, C. (2015). The Influence of Agricultural Activities on the Water Quality of the River Sosiani in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. IJRAS, 2(1), 34-40. [More]
  • Ukaoma & A., A. (2015). Effect of PH on Sex Expression in Cucumis Sativus. IJRAS, 2(1), 20-28. [More]
  • N, R. & Y, K. (2015). Effect of Beer Factory Sludge (BFS) With or Without Farm Yard Manure (FYM) on the Yield, Soil Physico Chemical Properties in Spinacia Oleracia and Capsicum Annum L. IJRAS, 2(1), 41-46. [More]
  • Eltyeb, M. A. & Elhasan, G. M. (2015). Some Quality Characters of Six Sudanese Onion Cultivars. IJRAS, 2(2), 57-58. [More]

Year: 2014

  • Pawaskar, J., Joshi, M. S., Navathe, S. & Agale, R. C. (2014). Physiological and Biochemical Characters of Ralstonia solanacearum. IJRAS, 1(6), 357-360. [More]
  • Nuraini, Djulardi, A. & Mahata, M. E. (2014). Feeding Fermented Product by Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Neurospora crassa in Broiler Diet. IJRAS, 1(6), 361-362. [More]
  • Thakare, R. & Wake, A. (2014). Changes in Soil Enzymes and Nutrients under Organically Grown Rainfed Pearl Millet in Vertisol. IJRAS, 1(6), 363-366. [More]
  • Seth, P., Mahananda, M. R. & Rani, A. (2014). Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Mung Plant (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek): Respond to Synthetic Pesticide & Biopesticide. IJRAS, 1(6), 367-372. [More]
  • Alo, A. A., Akindele, S. O. & Onyekwelu, J. C. (2014). Developement of Information System for Forest Reserves in Ekiti State, Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(6), 373-378. [More]
  • Alo, A. A. & Aturamu, O. (2014). Spatial Distribution of Colleges of Education and Effects on the Forest Ecosystem: A Case Study of College of Education Ikere, Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(6), 379-384. [More]
  • A., K. H., Aboki, E. & Adamu, M. M. (2014). Economic Analysis of Beneficiaries of Fadama II Project in Sardauna Local Government Area of Taraba State, Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(6), 385-391. [More]
  • Tunya, B. A., Lelei, J. J., Ouma, J. P., Onwonga, R. N. & Ombui, P. N. (2014). Effect of Triple Superphosphate and Minjingu Phosphate Rock Fertilizer application on Nutrient Content and Grain Yields of Sorghum in Various Cropping Systems. IJRAS, 1(6), 392-398. [More]
  • Furusawa, N. (2014). Rapid and Space-Saving Sample Preparation Followed by a 100 % Water Mobile Phase HPLC-PDA Analysis for Quantifying Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid in Unpolished Rice. IJRAS, 1(6), 399-403. [More]
  • Saxena, V. K. & Dave, R. K. (2014). A Study of Trichosanthes Dioica (Roxb): Anti-Bactericidial Agent. IJRAS, 1(6), 404-405. [More]
  • Woldesenbet, M. (2014). Effect of Spacing on the Growth Parameters of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulguris L.) at Keker, Southwestern Ethiopia. IJRAS, 1(5), 283-286. [More]
  • Mahanta, K. K. & Mishra, G. C. (2014). Determination of Interplate Distance between Two Clays and Initial Bulk Concentrations: An Inverse Problem. IJRAS, 1(5), 287-292. [More]
  • Alfa, G. B. & Katikpo, G. (2014). Small-Scale Cassava Farmers Awareness of Climate Change in Kogi State, Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(5), 293-296. [More]
  • Shiferaw, W., Yoseph, T., Simon, T. & Sorsa, Z. (2014). Evaluation of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp) Genotypes for Grain Yield and Yield Components at Jinka South Omo Zone, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 1(5), 297-300. [More]
  • Gelaneh, A. A. & Assefa, B. (2014). Livelihood Status of Small Holder Farmers in Rural India. IJRAS, 1(5), 301-304. [More]
  • Gelaneh, A. A. (2014). Vulnerability Context of Marginal & Small Farmers in Raipur District of India. IJRAS, 1(5), 305-310. [More]
  • Kulkarni, N., Dalal, J. & Bodhankar, M. (2014). Microbial Endophytes: Ecology and Biological Interactions. IJRAS, 1(5), 311-319. [More]
  • Amoah, J., Akufo-Kumi, K., Oduro, W. O., Baddoo, R. N., Animpong, M. A. & Odoom, C. (2014). Evaluation of Some Physical Characteristics of Mulberry Cocoons Produced in Ghana. IJRAS, 1(5), 320-324. [More]
  • A., F. J. & O., B. J. (2014). Profitability Analysis of Fadama Farming in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(5), 325-329. [More]
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