Determinants of Rural Women Participation in Agriculture Activities in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

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Determinants, Ordered Probit Model, Participation, Women
Tadesse, Habtamu; Melese, Mesfin; Tamene, Netsebrak
This study examined the determinants of rural women participation in agriculture activities in Gurage zone, Ethiopia. A total of 389 sample women were from four districts of Gurage zone were included in the study. A multi-stage sampling technique was employed to select 389 sample women. Both primary and secondary data were used. The semi-structured questionnaire used as the data gathering instruments and focus group discussion and key informants were interviewed to collect necessary data on major activities performed by rural women in the study area and determinant factors. Descriptive statistical tools such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation were employed to identify the characteristics of the respondents. In addition, ordered probit regression model was used to examine the determinant factors that influenced the determinants of women participation in agriculture activities. The results of the study showed that sowing, weeding, harvesting, manuring, transportation, and planting, were the main agriculture activities accomplished by women in the study area. In addition, findings of the study revealed that 27% of the sample women were belong to the low level of participation, 54% of the women were categorized in medium level of participation and the remaining 19% of the women were found to be in high level of participation. The results of the ordered probit model stated that farm income, education level, and contacts with development agents were found to be positively affected the women participation in agriculture activities while age and access to market were negatively influenced women participation in agriculture activities. Recommendations coming from the study findings are to identify the determinants of participation of rural women in agriculture activities not only to perform agriculture activities. With this regard, this study recommended that stake holders and concerned bodies who focus on promotion, encouragement and expansion of rural women participation in agriculture activities is needed to enhance educational level of women, provide aids and subsidized inputs to improve agriculture production which in turn increases income, develop rural infrastructure to create opportunity for agricultural inputs and extension agents should make readjustment of serves program for contacting rural women and government and non-governmental organization provide income generating activity for rural women.
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