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We welcome to all authors to TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. and Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd..

Paper Review Policy:
All submitted process will be reviewed by Full Double Blind Review Process which may take maximum 02 weeks after paper submission. Once paper is accepted, It can not be withdrawn at any condition. We are advising to all the authors, do not submit same article to multiple journals at same time. You may wait for review report.

Refund Policy:
Wrongly deposit money or extra deposit money will return back within 03 weeks if respective candidate inform us within 02 days after the date of money deposit or transaction but once paper/ article is published , the publication fee will not return or reverse back to the author.

Paper Withdrawn/ Cancellation Policy:
Authors note that paper can not be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted.


1. By signing copyright transfer agreement, you assign to us with full title guarantee all rights of copyright and related rights in your Article to

i. publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the Article worldwide in all forms, formats and media now known or as developed in the future, including print, electronic, digital or any other forms,

ii. translate the Article into other languages, create adaptations, summaries or extracts of the Article or other derivative works based on the Article

iii. sub-license all such rights to others. In the event the Article is not accepted and published by us or is withdrawn by you before acceptance by us, the assignment of copyright shall cease to be effective and all rights assigned by you to TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. and Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. in relation to the Article shall revert to you.


2. While publishing your Article in Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd., we reserve the right to make such minor and editorial changes as may be necessary to make the Article suitable for publication, and we reserve the right not to proceed with publication for whatever reason.


3. You hereby warrant that

i. you have secured the necessary written permission(s) from the appropriate copyright owner or authorities for the reproduction of any Text, Illustration, Table, Figure, Plate, Data etc., or other material, in the Article and in the Journal.

ii. you have taken all necessary permissions from the government or non-government institutions, wherein in your work (partly or fully) was conducted or if that institution has any right(s) on this work, before submission of your Article for publication in Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd.

iii. the Article is your original work, and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity and cannot be construed as plagiarising any other published work.

iv. the Article is not published or licensed anywhere else, nor, is currently under submission to, or under consideration by, or has been accepted by any other journal or publication.

v. you undertake that the fully reference-linked version of your Article mentioned in this agreement will not be published elsewhere without our prior written consent.

vi. the Article contains no statement that is abusive, defamatory, libellous, obscene, fraudulent, unlawful or in violation of applicable laws, and does not in any way infringes the rights of others.

vii. You ensure that any client or participant in any research or clinical experiment or study who is mentioned in the Article has given consent in all forms for the inclusion of material pertaining to themselves, and publication of this work.

viii. you have included in the text of the Article appropriate warnings, safety precautions etc., concerning any particular hazards that may be involved in carrying out experiments or procedures described in the Article or involved in instructions, materials, or formulae in the Article.

ix. you will keep us and our affiliates indemnified in full against all losses, damages, injury, costs and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses) awarded against or incurred or paid by us as a result of your breach of the warranties given in this agreement.

x. you have been authorized by all co-authors to sign this Agreement as agent on their behalf, and to agree on their behalf the order of names in the publication of the Article. You shall notify us in writing of the names of any such co-owners.


4. The name(s) of any/all third-party funding agencies and the full names and numbers of all grants must be given in the acknowledgments section of your article.


5. After assigning the copyright to TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. and Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd., the copyright, the authors retain the right to

i. retain and share on a non-commercial basis, with colleagues in print or digital format you’re the unpublished version of the Article.

ii. post your accepted manuscript on your departmental or personal website at any point after publication of your article after insertion of link of Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. website (for detailed access of the article).

iii. share with colleagues on a non-commercial basis copies of your article in its published form as supplied by Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. iv. make printed copies of all or part of an article on a non-commercial basis for use by you for lecture or classroom purposes provided that such copies are not offered for sale or distributed in any systematic way, and provided that acknowledgment to prior publication in the journal is made explicit.

v. include an article in a thesis or dissertation that is not to be published commercially

vi. present an article at a meeting or conference and to distribute printed copies of the published article to the delegates attending the meeting provided that this is not for commercial purposes

vii. the right to use the article in its published form in whole or in part without revision or modification in personal compilations [in print or digital form] or other publications of your own articles, provided that acknowledgment to prior publication in the journal is made explicit

viii. the right to expand an article into book-length form for publication provided that acknowledgment to prior publication in the journal is made explicit If the author(s) wish to use the Article in a way which is not covered by the above license, proper permission must be obtained by contacted Indian Society of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd. / Journal of TimeLine Publication Pvt. Ltd.


6. This agreement and any dispute, proceeding, claim or controversy in relation to it, is subject to Indian law and the jurisdiction of Bhopal,M.P.,India.

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