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1 Genetic Variability and Advance among Rice (Oryza sativa L) Genotypes in Northwestern Ethiopia Mekonnen, Assaye Berie; Abebe, Tiegist Dejene 2024 Volume 11, Issue 4, July 2024 126 Bibtex
2 Analysis of Quantitative Traits in M2 Generation of Chick Pea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Seeds Under Induced EMS Mutagenesis MD, Waseem Uddin; Kumar, G. Vijay; Naik, K. Srinivas 2024 Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2024 277 Bibtex
3 Evaluating Integrated Application of Lime and Organic Materials on Yield and Yield Components of Wheat S Under Acid Soils of Aneded District, Northwest Ethiopia Getinet, Habetamu; Abera, Kasaye; Lulie, Belsti 2024 Volume 11, Issue 2, Mar. 2024 527 Bibtex
4 Economic Importance and Production Constraints of Napier (Cenchrus purpureus) Grass in Africa (Review) Demisse, Tadelech Bizuneh; Kassia, Messele Molla 2024 Volume 11, Issue 2, Mar. 2024 603 Bibtex
5 Demonstration and Popularization of CaO-Containing Blended Fertilizers to Ameliorate Acid Soils of East Gojjam Zone, North west Ethiopia Getinet, Habetamu; Abera, Kasaye 2024 Volume 11, Issue 1, Jan. 2024 572 Bibtex
6 Alternanthera tenella Colla. Var. tenella Veldk. Extracts affects the Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Ghadge, M. B.; Chillawar, R. G.; Navgire, M. E.; Takate, B. D. 2024 Volume 11, Issue 1, Jan. 2024 574 Bibtex
7 Seasonal Production and Availability of Vegetables from Urban and Peri-Urban Market Gardening in the City of Korhogo (Northern of Cote D’Ivoire) Sibirina, Soro; Adama, Silue Pagadjovongo; Dramane, Soro; Madeleine, Coulibaly Gnele 2023 Volume 10, Issue 5, Sept. 2023 1091 Bibtex
8 Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters of Jersey Cows Reproductive Traits in the Different Calving Numbers Getahun, Kefale 2023 Volume 10, Issue 5, Sept. 2023 1064 Bibtex
9 Drought’s Impact on Crop Plants and Genetic Drought Resistance Begna, Temesgen; Gichile, Hayilu; Teressa, Temesgen 2023 Volume 10, Issue 5, Sept. 2023 1034 Bibtex
10 Overview of Management Practices of Tomato Late Blight (Phytoptera Infestans Mont.) Disease Sako, Asela Kesho; Demissie, Yitagesu Tadesse 2023 Volume 10, Issue 4, July 2023 1164 Bibtex
11 Comparative Lipidomic Analysis on Fresh Kernels of two Camellia oleifera Cultivars ‘Huaxin’ and ‘Huashuo’ at the Mature Stage Ye, Shunxing 2023 Volume 10, Issue 4, July 2023 1066 Bibtex
12 Salmonella spp. Infection in Chicken at Markets in Hanoi City: A Cross-Sectional Study for the First Quarter of 2023 Le, Chung Thi Kim; Dao, Dat Xuan; Ngoc, Thao Thu; Bui, Hanh Thi Minh; Pham, Hien Thi; Luu, Huy Duc; Le, Huong Thi; Nguyen, Vung Dang; Nguyen, Thang Huu 2023 Volume 10,Issue 3,May 2023 1330 Bibtex
13 Pre-Extension Demonstration of Improved Bread Wheat Technology in Gurage and Silte Zone, Southern Ethiopia Ulisido, Abdirazak Abdala 2023 Volume 10,Issue 2, Mar. 2023 1698 Bibtex
14 Multivariate Analysis of Variability in Ethiopian Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Accessions at Lemo Wereda Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia Angassa, Delessa 2023 Volume 10,Issue 1, Jan. 2023 1688 Bibtex
15 Growth and Productivity of Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) as Influenced by Different Rates of Blended NPSB Fertilizer at Mid-Altitudes of Eastern Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia Teshome, Solomon; Amide, Arega; Mitiku, Miresa 2023 Volume 10,Issue 1, Jan. 2023 1636 Bibtex

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