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1 Multivariate Analysis of Variability in Ethiopian Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Accessions at Lemo Wereda Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia Angassa, Delessa 2023 Volume 10,Issue 1, Jan. 2023 63 Bibtex
2 Growth and Productivity of Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) as Influenced by Different Rates of Blended NPSB Fertilizer at Mid-Altitudes of Eastern Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia Teshome, Solomon; Amide, Arega; Mitiku, Miresa 2023 Volume 10,Issue 1, Jan. 2023 44 Bibtex
3 Land Salinization Effects on Farm Household Incomes and Coping Strategies. Case of the Keur Waly Ndiaye village, Ndiaffate, Kaolack (Senegal) Ba, Awa; Ndiaye, Adama; Ndiaye, Ndeye Maguette; Faye, Elhadji 2022 Volume 9,Issue 6, Nov. 2022 168 Bibtex
4 Nutritional and Physicochemical Characteristics of Cashew Nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) Grown in Pawe District, Northwestern Ethiopia Alamnie, Misganew Andualem 2022 Volume 9,Issue 6, Nov. 2022 127 Bibtex
5 Comparative Profitability Analysis of Broiler Production Systems in Ekiti State, Nigeria John, Didunyemi Adekunle; Owoeye, R. S. 2022 Volume 9,Issue 5, Sept. 2022 481 Bibtex
6 Evaluation of Bradyrhizobium Strain Rates for Growth, Nodulation and Yield of Soybean (Glycine Max L.) at Seka District, Jimma Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia Getinet, Habetamu; Atinafu, Obsa 2022 Volume 9,Issue 5, Sept. 2022 346 Bibtex
7 Advancement of Analytical Models quantifying G × E Interactions and Stability analysis in Multi-Environment Trial Achenef, Gebeyaw 2022 Volume 9,Issue 4, July 2022 472 Bibtex
8 Sorghum Grain Storage Methods and Fungal Contamination in Ethiopia Fufa, Negasa 2022 Volume 9,Issue 4, July 2022 494 Bibtex
9 Effect of Erythrina (Erythrina bruci) Biomass Transfer with or Without NP Fertilizer on Wheat Production at Chena District, Kaffa Zone, South-Western Ethiopia Abreham, Konjit; Guja, Ute; Gebremichae, Abiy; Tadesse, Belay; Mekuriya, Tatek 2022 Volume 9,Issue 3, May 2022 725 Bibtex
10 Preference Certainty and Consistency in Discrete Choice Experiments: A Case Analysis of Sweet Potato Farming in Western Kenya Kiprotich, William Bett; Ndambiri, Hilary; Mose, Jared; Serem, Alfred 2022 Volume 9,Issue 3, May 2022 654 Bibtex
11 The Agro-Ecological Evaluation to Some Sulfonylurea’s Herbicides Hussein, Ali Mohamed El-Tayeb 2022 Volume 9,Issue 3, May 2022 598 Bibtex
12 Methodology for Buckwheat Germination Test Pagliarini, Maximiliano Kawahata; Pontim, Bruno Cezar Alvaro; da Silva Ribeiro, Fabio; Gordin, Carla Regina Baptista; de Almeida Monaco-Mello, Kamila; dos Santos Zomerfeld, Patricia; de Souza, Luiz Carlos Ferreira 2022 Volume 9,Issue 2, Mar. 2022 982 Bibtex
13 Pre-Extension and Demonstration of Selected Forage Technologies for Small Holder Farmers in South West Ethiopia Asrate, Melkam Aleme; Sehalu, Gezahegn Mengistu; Robi, Dereje Tulu; Negera, Ararsa Bogale 2022 Volume 9,Issue 2, Mar. 2022 901 Bibtex
14 Evaluation of Broad Spectrum Herbicides for Control of Annual Broad Leaf Weeds in Wheat Ayana, Bogale 2022 Volume 9,Issue 2, Mar. 2022 897 Bibtex
15 Farmers’ Management Practices and Perception on Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera Frugiperda Smith) in Fogera Districts, South Gondar, Ethiopia Mitku, Geteneh 2022 Volume 9,Issue 1, Jan. 2022 1272 Bibtex

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