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Year: 2017

  • Hailu, M. & Kelemu, K. (2017). Trends in Production, Productivity and Marketing of Major Food and Cash Crops in Coffee Growing Zones of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(4), 186-191. [More]
  • Mumia, B. I., Muthomi, J. W., Narla, R. D., Nyongesa, M. & Olubayo, F. M. (2017). Effect of Seed Potato Tuber Storage Methods on Occurrence of Potato Diseases. IJRAS, 4(4), 192-201. [More]
  • Mutegi, D. M., Kilalo, D., Kimenju, J. W. & Waturu, C. (2017). Integrated use of Kenyan Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Steinernema Species) and Neem Against Tuta Absoluta on Tomato. IJRAS, 4(4), 202-207. [More]
  • AL-Ansi, W., Mahdi, A. A. & Wang, L. (2017). Rheological and Physochemical Properties of Lentil, Millet and whole Wheat Flour as a Composite Flour. IJRAS, 4(4), 208-212. [More]
  • Divya, K., Rajeswari, S., Devi, I. B. & Sumathi, P. (2017). Forecasting Monthly Prices of Bengalgram in Selected Markets of Andhra Pradesh. IJRAS, 4(4), 213-218. [More]
  • Tarekegn, K., Girma, G. & Assefa, A. (2017). Value Chain Analysis of Honey in Kaffa and Sheka Zones of SNNPR, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(3), 142-148. [More]
  • Hernández, J. E., Guerra, F. J., Castañeda, E. L., Robles, M. R., Rojas, C. F. & del Carmen. Rodríguez Castillo, J. (2017). Fragments of Eight Captured Ligneous Plants Consumed by Goats on the Mixteca Poblana, Mexico. IJRAS, 4(3), 149-151. [More]
  • Satoh, S. (2017). Non-Solidifying Characteristics of A Longan Honey Specimen Associated with its Sugar Content and Composition. IJRAS, 4(3), 152-154. [More]
  • Begić, M., Žuljević, S. O., Akagić, A. & Spaho, N. (2017). Relationship Between The Physical and Chemical Quality Parameters of Common Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum Moench) and Tartary Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Tataricum Moench). IJRAS, 4(3), 155-159. [More]
  • Onojah, P. & Emurotu, J. (2017). Phytochemical Screening, Proximate Analysis and Mineral Composition of Riped and Unriped Musa Species Grown in Anyigba and its Environs. IJRAS, 4(3), 160-162. [More]
  • Gajbhiye, P. N., Nigade, R. D. & Bulbule, A. V. (2017). Sustaining Soil Fertility and Yields of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L.) through Balanced Fertilization in Entisols. IJRAS, 4(2), 66-69. [More]
  • Gosai, M. A., Kuchhadiya, G. V., Brahmbhatt, B. N. & Bhalala, K. N. (2017). Study of Combining Ability in Diallel Crosses of Maize (Zea Mays L.) for Grain Yield and Quality Traits. IJRAS, 4(2), 91-93. [More]
  • Edirisinghe, E. D., Jayasinghe, J. M., Himali, S. M. & Abeyrathne, E. D. (2017). Effect of Beeswax and Gammalu (Pterocarpus Marsupium) Latex Coating on Internal and Sensory Attributes of Chicken Eggs Stored at Room Temperature. IJRAS, 4(2), 76-81. [More]
  • Buke, T. & Gidago, G. (2017). The Effect of P Fertlizer Rates on The Yield and Yield Components of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta (L.) Schott.) in Boloso-Sore Woreda Wolaita Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 4(2), 82-90. [More]
  • Yagoub, Y. E., Musa, O. S., Siddig, A. A., Bo, Z., Zhongqin, L. & Feiteng, W. (2017). Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Changes on Vegetation Cover in Eastern Sudan. IJRAS, 4(2), 70-75. [More]
  • Safdar, W., Zan, X. & Song, Y. (2017). Synergistic Effects of pH, Temperature and Agitation on Growth Kinetics and Docosahexaenoic Acid Production of C. cohnii Cultured on Different Carbon Sources. IJRAS, 4(2), 94-101. [More]
  • Martyn, L. K., Aruppala, A. L. & Abeyrathne, E. D. (2017). Development of Low Cost Prawn Flavored Spicy Cracker with Prawn Waste and Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) Leaves. IJRAS, 4(2), 102-105. [More]
  • Rashed, M. M., Tong, Q., Rotail, A., Al-Farga, A., Aboshora, W. & Al-Hajj, N. Q. (2017). Extraction of Essential Oil from Lavandula angustifolia Flowers Preceded by Enzymatic Pre-Treatment and Investigate its Activity Against Free Radicals. IJRAS, 4(2), 106-110. [More]
  • Wibowo, R. K. & Soni, P. (2017). An Ergonomic Analysis of Indonesian Farmers in Using Agricultural Hand Tools in Relation to Their Comfort and Satisfaction. IJRAS, 4(2), 111-115. [More]
  • El-Rotail, A., Shia, G. Y., Rashed, M. M., Al-Farga, A., Mousa, A., Bakry, A. M. et al. (2017). Constructing a Library of Stable Mutations for Enhanced Bioethanol Production by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using Various Molecular Biology Methods. IJRAS, 4(2), 116-124. [More]
  • El-Rotail, A., Shia, G. Y., Rashed, M. M., Al-Farga, A., HuaLi, Junhua, W. et al. (2017). Genetic Engineering of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using A Novel Approach Global Transcription Machinery Engineering for Enhancing Bioethanol Production. IJRAS, 4(2), 125-131. [More]
  • Shazly, A. B., He, Z., El-Aziz, M. A., Zeng, M., Qin, F., Zhang, S. et al. (2017). Comparative Assessment of Physicochemical and Structural Properties of Buffalo and Bovine Casein. IJRAS, 4(2), 132-136. [More]
  • Shazly, A. B., He, Z., El-Aziz, M. A., Zeng, M., Qin, F., Zhang, S. et al. (2017). Comparative Antioxidant Properties of Buffalo and Bovine Casein Hydrolysates. IJRAS, 4(2), 137-141. [More]
  • AL-Bukhaiti, W. Q., Noman, A., Mahdi, A. & Ammar, A.-F. (2017). Food Allergy, Classification, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention – Review. IJRAS, 4(1), 1-5. [More]
  • Gawde, P., Katlam, B. P., Kawde, L. & Chandraker, P. (2017). Evaluation of Different Eco-Friendly Techniques for Minimizing Yellow Stem Borer Scirpophaga Incertulas Wlk. of Rice. IJRAS, 4(1), 6-7. [More]
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