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Year: 2015

  • Barrientos, P. E. (2015). The Cotton Cooperatives in Peru: Roles, Governance, and Performance. IJRAS, 2(4), 152-162. [More]
  • Onojah, P. K., Odin, E. M. & Daluba, N. (2015). Organochlorine Pesticide Residuals in Mud Fish Samples (Neoxhanna Galaxiidae) from Onyedega River, Kogi State North Central, Nigeria. IJRAS, 2(4), 163-166. [More]
  • Mhamed, Z. M. & Ahmed, T. H. (2015). Diversity of Mango (Mangiferaindica L.) Cultivars in Shendi Area: Morphological Leaf Characterization. IJRAS, 2(4), 167-172. [More]
  • Pandukur, S. G. & Amienyo, C. A. (2015). Changes in the Nutrient and Anti-Nutritional Composition in Two Varieties of Cocoyam (Var esculenta and Var. antiquorum (L) Schott) Caused by Isolated Fungi Species in Plateau State, Nigeria. IJRAS, 2(4), 173-178. [More]
  • Amoah, J. Y., Djokoto, F., DeGraft, A., Abdulai, I., Dzamboe, P. & Selormey, G. (2015). Design and Development of a Prototype Laboratory Scale Fecal Sludge Compost Pellet Making Machine. IJRAS, 2(4), 179-185. [More]
  • Sun, D., Gower, J. L., Stokes, C. E., Windham, G. L., Baird, R. E. & Mlsna, T. E. (2015). Multivariate Analysis of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds for Aflatoxigenic A. flavus Detection. IJRAS, 2(4), 186-197. [More]
  • Mane, V. A., Shinde, H. S., Pagar, T. A. & Garud, M. P. (2015). Characterization and Screening of Bacillus thuringiensis Isolated from Nashik and Ahmednagar Region of Maharashtra. IJRAS, 2(4), 198-201. [More]
  • A., E. K., V., T., K., N. & O., E. (2015). Substituting Maize for Processed Cassava Peels: A Cost Benefit Analysis in Poultry Farming. IJRAS, 2(4), 202-206. [More]
  • Sahoo, U. K. & Singh, S. L. (2015). Yield Performance of Lowland Paddy under Different Cultural Treatments in Kawlchaw East, Saiha District of Mizoram, India. IJRAS, 2(4), 207-210. [More]
  • J., C. J., O., O. C. & M., I. J. (2015). Screening for Drought Tolerance among Coffea arabica Cultivars in Kenya. IJRAS, 2(3), 108-111. [More]
  • Mthandi, J., Kahimba, F., Tarimo, A. P., Salim, B. & Lowole, M. (2015). Using EU-Rotate_N Model to Determine Effects of Nitrogen Application Dosage on N Leaching. IJRAS, 2(3), 112-117. [More]
  • Haque, S. M., Hossain, I. & Rahman, M. A. (2015). Effect of Different Storage Containers used for Storing Seeds and Management Practices on Seed Oil and Protein Content after Different Times of Storage in O-9897 Varieties. IJRAS, 2(3), 118-122. [More]
  • Dormatey, R., Atokple, I. D. & Ishiyaku, M. F. (2015). Genetics of Thrips Resistance in Cowpea. IJRAS, 2(3), 123-131. [More]
  • Belay, T. (2015). Identifying Resistance to Ethiopian Russian Wheat Aphid (Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko)) Populations in Introduced Bread Wheat Genetic Resources. IJRAS, 2(3), 132-136. [More]
  • Thomas, J., S., N. R., A., K., Paladan, V., S., A., Thomas, M. et al. (2015). Brucellosis: An Overview and Current Scenario. IJRAS, 2(3), 137-140. [More]
  • Yadav, P., Ahlawat, S. S., Soni, N., Rani, M., Bishnoi, S. & Jairath, G. (2015). Studies on Development of Meat Analogue Rolls Using Various Plant Sources. IJRAS, 2(2), 47-51. [More]
  • V, S. B., Cherukuri, S. R., S, S. R., A, H. R., D, R., M, A. et al. (2015). Dissipation Dynamics and Risk Assessment of Profenofos, Triazophos and Cypermethrin Residues on Brinjal for Food Safety. IJRAS, 2(2), 52-56. [More]
  • Eltyeb, M. A. & Elhasan, G. M. (2015). Yield of Six Sudanese Onion Cultivars. IJRAS, 2(2), 59-60. [More]
  • Sindhura, K. S., Prasad, T. N., Selvam, P. P. & Hussain, O. M. (2015). Green Synthesis of Zinc Nanoparticles from Senna Auriculata and Influence on Peanut Pot-Culture. IJRAS, 2(2), 61-69. [More]
  • Lacaba, L. D. (2015). Soil Nutrient Management for Hybrid Corn Grown in Acid Upland Soil of Eastern Samar Based on NuMASS Prediction. IJRAS, 2(2), 70-73. [More]
  • Taiwo, A. (2015). Fuel Consumption Pattern of Some Selected Tillage Systems on the Atabadzi Soil Series of Ghana. IJRAS, 2(2), 74-78. [More]
  • Asungre, A. P., Akromah, R. & Atokple, I. D. (2015). Agro-Morphological Characterisation of Pearl Millet Accessions in Ghana. IJRAS, 2(2), 79-86. [More]
  • Amare, A. & Belay, S. (2015). The Environmental Implication of Population Dynamics in Ethiopia: Review. IJRAS, 2(2), 87-94. [More]
  • Musa, A. & Arinze, O. (2015). Chemical Properties and Nitrate Contents of Soils and Vegetables of Rugar Liman in Kware Local Government Area, Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria. IJRAS, 2(2), 95-99. [More]
  • Chaurasia, R. K., Vidyarthi, V. K. & Dhali, A. (2015). Variation and Correlation of Plasma Cortisol and THI in Mithun Calves During Different Seasons and at Different Altitudes. IJRAS, 2(2), 100-101. [More]
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