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Year: 2014

  • Isaac, S. R. & M, M. (2014). Response of Cauliflower to Organic Nutrition under Integrated Farming in Homesteads. IJRAS, 1(3), 186-188. [More]
  • Ouma, M. A., Onyango, C. A., Ombati, J. M., R., K. Z., O., M. C. & J., P. (2014). Use of Participatory Video in Enhancing Sorghum Production among Smallholder Sorghum Farmers’ in Rachuonyo North Sub-County, Kenya. IJRAS, 1(3), 189-193. [More]
  • A., B. S., V., P., F., B. Z. & R., A. S. (2014). Evaluation of Efficacy of Lactic Acid as Coagulant in the Preparation of Kaladhi: A Hard and Dry Cheese. IJRAS, 1(3), 194-198. [More]
  • Okere, C., Keith, L. & Bolden-Tiller, O. (2014). The Relationship between Body Con Formation, Testicular, Carcass Traits, and Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Levels in Pubertal Male Boer Goat Crosses. IJRAS, 1(3), 199-205. [More]
  • Yitbarek, M. B. & Regasa, F. (2014). Reproductive Immunization of Domestic and Wild Animals: Review. IJRAS, 1(2), 103-114. [More]
  • Yitbarek, M. B. & Tamir, B. (2014). Silage Additives: Review. IJRAS, 1(2), 115-127. [More]
  • Sekhar, D. C., Rathinasamy, D. R., Hussain, M. S., Leon, M. T., Siranjeevi, R., Palani, R. et al. (2014). Strategies for Enhancing the Area Production and Productivity of Jasmine in Tamil Nadu – A Paradigm to the Farmers’ Organizations of India. IJRAS, 1(2), 90-102. [More]
  • ALLOUI, N. (2014). REMESA: A Network to Control Infectious Animal Diseases in Mediterranean Countries. IJRAS, 1(2), 87-89. [More]
  • Tsado, P. A., Lawal, B. A. & Ezenwa, M. I. (2014). Assessment of Properties of Alfisols as Affected by Land use in Minna, Southern Guinea of Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(2), 82-86. [More]
  • Tarekegne, C., Bernhard, F., Alemayehu, G. & Delelegn, Y. (2014). Analysis of Rural Livelihood Challenges and Options under Climate Change Pressure: Case Study from Potato Producer Localities in Awi Zone, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 1(2), 60-69. [More]
  • Tarekegne, C., Bernhard, F., Alemayehu, G. & Delelegn, Y. (2014). Smallholder Household and Farming Practices under Climate Change Pressure: A Case of Gusha Shinkurta Area, Awi Zone, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 1(2), 70-81. [More]
  • Nikolova, I. M. (2014). Toxicity of Some Pyrethroids and Neonicotinoids used for Individual and Simultaneous Control of Bruchus Pisi L. and Acyrthosiphon Pisi Kalt. IJRAS, 1(2), 54-59. [More]
  • Bouchelaghem, S. & Delimi, A. (2014). Effect of Various Concentration of the Zinc on Chlorophyll, Soluble Sugars and Proline in Duckweed (Lemna Minor). IJRAS, 1(2), 51-53. [More]
  • Bhaskar, B. P., Sarkar, D., Bobade, S. V., Gaikwad, S. S. & Anantwar, S. G. (2014). Land Evaluation for Irrigation in Cotton Growing Yavatmal District, Maharashtra. IJRAS, 1(2), 128-136. [More]
  • Abiramasundari, N., Shanthi, P., Kumar, D. S. & Saraswathi, R. (2014). Callus Induction and Regeneration in Commercial Rice Cultivars of Tamil Nadu. IJRAS, 1(2), 137-142. [More]
  • Mohapatra, A., Kanchana, P., Ranjan, D. M., Horta, S. S., Monica, Kavita et al. (2014). Antimicrobial Activity of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaf Extracts. IJRAS, 1(2), 143-148. [More]
  • Shiyam, J. O., John, N. M., Ndaeyo, N. U. & Binang, W. B. (2014). Effect of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer on Soil Nutrient Flux and Maize (Zea Mays L.) Productivity on an Ultisol in Southern Nigeria. IJRAS, 1(1), 1-4. [More]
  • KHALDI, F. (2014). Study of Changes in physiological and Enzymatic Metabolism of a Bryophyte “Rhytidium Rugosum” Under the Effect of a Herbicide “TREFLAN”. IJRAS, 1(1), 16-20. [More]
  • Dizaji, S. B. & Pirmohammadi, R. (2014). Effect of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Bioplus 2B on Egg Quality and Yolk/Serum Cholesterol of Laying Hens. IJRAS, 1(1), 21-23. [More]
  • A, E. M., S, M. S., Sh, R. & S, H. (2014). Modeling and Estimation of Banana Slice Browning during Drying using Artificial Neural Network. IJRAS, 1(1), 5-10. [More]
  • Lalev, M., Mincheva, N., Hristakieva, P., Oblakova, M. & Ivanova, I. (2014). Estimation of Heterosis, Direct and Maternal Additive Effects from Crossbreeding Experiment Involving Two White Plymouth Rock Lines of Chickens. IJRAS, 1(1), 11-15. [More]
  • Tarkashvand, M., Alikhani, H. A. & Pourbabae, A. A. (2014). Nitrogen Fixation Ability of Some Cyanobacteria Isolated of Maize Field (Case Study Iran). IJRAS, 1(1), 24-27. [More]
  • Malek, A. H. & Ferri, F. (2014). Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on Safflower Yield in Dry Lands Condition. IJRAS, 1(1), 28-33. [More]
  • Ilangamudali, I. M., Senarathne, S. H. & Egodawatta, W. C. (2014). Evaluation of Coconut Based Gliricidia sepium Agroforestry Systems to Improve the Soil Properties of Intermediate and Dry Zone Coconut Growing Areas. IJRAS, 1(1), 34-42. [More]
  • Taye, W., Asefa, W. & Woldu, M. (2014). Insecticidal Activity of Lantana Camara on Maize Weevils (Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch.). IJRAS, 1(1), 43-46. [More]
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